We have seen incredible results from our experience with Fancy, from higher fundraising returns, to stronger partnerships with donors and other organizations.
— Conor Shapiro, President & CEO, St. Boniface Haiti Foundation

Fancy is a 100% women-owned and operated, strategically-minded creative boutique—with a team of big agency talent and small agency agility. Katie Keating and Erica Fite's adventurous spirit has led us to clients down the block and across the world. After many years working with some of the world’s biggest and best advertising agencies, we’ve taken what we’ve learned about women, beauty and international brands, and have dedicated our business to advancing the lives of women and girls around the globe.


Education is critical to lifting communities out of poverty. However, when a girl has her period and doesn’t have adequate protection or even really understand her own body, her fears of embarrassment will keep her home from school for a week every month. She can fall so far behind she might drop out permanently. We brought to life the way the Always Keeping Girls in School program allows young women to feel confident about their bodies, themselves and their future.


At the Clinton Global Initiative, Procter & Gamble pledged to save one life every hour by creating clean drinking water for people in need. So we brought home (literally) the decision people in the developing world have to face every day when it comes to drinking water. What’s it like to be faced with dirty water? Ask these New Yorkers.


The emotions surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and maternal/infant mortality are the same wherever in the world you are. It was our pleasure to remind people of this fact on behalf of St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, an organization bringing an unprecedented level of healthcare to the most vulnerable population in the Western Hemisphere.

telling the truth

We are currently hard at work creating marketing materials for “The Uncondemned” a documentary film about the first time rape was prosecuted as a war crime, during the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. This inspiring film won’t end when the credits roll, as we will be motivating audiences to engage and create change in their own communities through encouraging action via the #endthemyth iniative.

building confidence

When a child picks up an instrument she’s not simply learning to play, she’s learning life-long values like perseverance, creativity, collaboration, compassion and respect. For the past five years we’ve been spreading the word about the incredible impact of Midori & Friends, an arts organization working with over 17,000 students in 25 of New York City’s most underserved communities.

giving back

A girl can change the world.

But she needs a chance. An education. A way up. We are proud to support the amazing and important work of Cocoa360 in rural Ghana. A portion of our fees from every project is directed toward the continued sponsorship of 10 girls at the Tarkwa Breman Girls’ School through The Fancy Scholarship. With an education these girls will be able to earn an income, support their families and believe in themselves.


Created for us by acclaimed New York jeweler Cass Lilien (casslilien.com) “Fancy” is spelled-out in Morse code using 14k gold dot and dash beads, strung on silk cord. All profits from this unique bracelet help women's causes worldwide.