Fancy This.

She’s a mother. Or not. With toddlers, or grandchildren. She could be your neighbor, your boss, your intern. She’s beautiful, she’s sexy, she knows what she wants. She’s funny, she’s sincere. She's lived, and she's living. She’s a woman over 40. And as far as advertising is concerned she’s invisible. 

That's too bad, because women over 40 make more than 80% of household spending decisions. They are influential and outspoken. They are running companies, they are taking care of kids. And parents. They need solutions and are willing to pay for them. And when they find something that works for them, that resonates with who they are, they are loyal. 

We love these ladies. We ARE these ladies. And we've spent 20 years developing deep and emotional connections with them for brands around the world. Our panel of insightful women provides a sounding board, a variety of perspectives, and spirited debate about what it means to be be a woman over 40 today. 

If reaching women over 40 is as important to you as it is to us, give us a shout.

Fancy is one of those rare finds— a collection of strategic and talented listeners who expertly translate an entrepreneur’s vision into an art form.
— Storey Jones, Founder, DTour.Life

Make your voice heard

Are you a woman over 40? Do you have opinions you're not afraid to share? Even if, especially if, they aren't popular? Do you want to send a message to marketers, let them know what resonates with you, and what doesn't? Join our panel of dynamic, outspoken, intelligent women, and help us influence the way women over 40 are discussed, portrayed, considered and valued in the marketing world today.