Campaign US Op-Ed: Making Women's History Month

Women's History Month is different this year as everywhere we look women's history is actually in the making right now. Women are rising, without competition, without judgment, focusing on what we can do for each other, how we can help one another, saying things have got to change, and they are going to change, right now. So really, we should actually call it MAKING Women's History Month. 

Co-founder and creative director Katie Keating wrote an op-ed piece for Campaign US (that landed as the lead story in today's edition, no less!) that speaks to why now is the most exciting time to be a woman in advertising. As a 100 percent woman-owned and operated creative agency, we hope that in our own small way, we make a big difference in the voice and look of all advertising. There is no arguing that the influence, social stature and economic power of women is evolving at a rapid rate. As this movement gains more momentum, we could not be more determined and ready to support and empower women in every way we can.

Read the whole article on CampaignLive here.