Survey Results Are In: Women 40+ Have Their Say

We had a hunch that there was a huge segment of the population for whom advertising was largely missing the mark. A group that has influence. A group that has relevance. A group that has money. The group? Women over 40. 

So we put our theory to the test and conducted a survey. 500 women participated. Women in cities, the suburbs, and the country. Women who are home with the kids, and women who are the primary earners. Women of all ethnicities and salary levels. Women who are married, unmarried, with children and without. Women in lots of different life circumstances. And not surprising, they all had a lot to say. The numbers told the story, but the verbatims painted the picture. 

As described in the Campaign article about the survey results, 76% feel brands play a negative role in the perception of women 40+. 80% feel that brands underestimate her intelligence and 84% think they overestimate her preoccupation with her appearance. When she's even considered at all. 

"Women over 40 are invisible in the cultural lexicon," one woman wrote.

"I think they don’t even think about us if we don’t belong on either Girls or The Golden Girls. They don’t value women 40+ or even see us as people," said another.

The fact is, over 80% of women over 40 feel younger, sexier, or cooler than they predicted they would feel when they were younger. The vast majority feel quitepowerful and fulfilled. Marketers need to take note.

"Brands don’t seem to have captured the “ageless” feeling that a lot of us feel. Ads for women 40+ are about slowing down... not living incredible lives that we’ve earned and can afford."

"I feel as sexy as I did in my 20s but more influential, stronger, and wiser."

These women acknowledge the power of brands. And they want brands to use that power for the greater good. 9 out of 10 believe brands should play a positive role debunking gender stereotypes. 8 out of 10 said brands be involved in advancing gender equality and 7 out of 10 said brands should advance women’s issues. When they do, these women—and their wallets (women control over half of the personal wealth in this country and 40% are the primary household breadwinners) will be there.

And marketers, when you're ready to reach these ladies, with relevant, motivating communications strategy and content, we'll be there with Fancy Over 40, a special focus of our creative agency and a promise to get it right.

Want a copy of the survey results? Click here.