Erica Fite is confused. And so is just about everyone else.

The MTA said no to Thinx (period underwear).

But then they said yes.


They said no to Unbound (sex toys)

But then they said yes.


But then they said no again. Because two of the images contained phallic imagery. But Hims showed a flaccid cactus. And that was ok.


They said no to Dame Products (sex toys).

But then they said yes. Just make a few tweaks.


And then they said no again.

And officially changed their policy to prohibit “any advertisement that promotes a ‘sexually oriented business.’” Apparently a sex toy company is a ‘sexually oriented business’ but a company that makes erectile disfunction products is not. Maybe it’s because they also sell stuff for male pattern baldness? Who knows. It is confusing.

For more confusion on the subject, see Katie Richards’ recent Adweek article quoting Fancy Co-Founder & Co-CCO Erica Fite. As she said, “There was an ad for Hers that talked about being turned on and that to me sounds like pleasure and that’s OK? It makes it even more confusing [when other pleasure products are banned].”

The only thing that’s clear is that there seems to be a fear of sexually satisfied women. And if we keep being treated like our needs and desires are something shameful maybe there should be.

Stay tuned, because I have a feeling we’re just getting going.