Katie & Erica: Fab at 40!

How do you feel about turning 40 or living your 40s? 

Many women have conflicting thoughts. On the one hand, we feel cooler, sexier, and more confident than ever, and on the other, we’re facing discrimination, (sometimes surprising!) physical changes, and wonder where we are, how we got here, and where we’re going. 

To celebrate her 40th birthday, our friend Lisa Kostova went on a mission to prove that your 40s—and the years that follow—truly can be the best years of your life. 

In part because of the fear she developed as her significant birthday approached, she brought together more than 20 experts, including Erica and me, to share advice on living your best life at 40 and beyond.

Her  interview series, Fab at 40: Healthier, Happier, and Sexier than Ever! will be live for just one more week. And it’s totally worth signing up and making time to listen to as many of these inspirational stories as possible. 

You'll hear from female experts on health, pregnancy, sexuality, wealth, business, goal-setting, and more! Turns out, this is the best time to embrace doing the things you most want to do. Of course we knew that, and if you want to hear our interview you can do so right here:

Lisa’s dread around her fortieth birthday drove her to seek advice from women who were loving this decade.

What she heard was so inspiring, so empowering, that she turned her birthday project into something bigger. We were thrilled to have been a part of this and hope everyone looks at her (or even his!) 40s and beyond as a time of excitement and possibilities.

Here’s to the future—for all of us!