"I Owe You" is Adweek Ad of the Day

Sure it’s awesome to be picked for Adweek’s Ad of the Day, but when that acclaim is for the work we did with It’s On Us, the Obama/Biden effort to prevent campus sexual assault, well, we really couldn’t be happier.

It’s On Us launched 5 years ago today to let the world know that we all share a responsibility in preventing sexual assault. By bringing all students, including men, into the conversation around sexual assault, It’s On Us is changing it. Powerfully. In those five years, It’s On Us has expanded to over 250 registered campuses, and more than 550+ college campuses have held over 6,000educational events under the banner of It’s On Us.

The videos Fancy produced will help educate students by creating three videos to introduce three key subjects -- Bystander Education, Survivor Support and Sexual Assault Awareness. The videos serve as an entryway, or ‘101 course’ on each subject area. The videos will be shown on-campus and paired with live on-campus information sessions, robust on-campus and online discussions, and social media activities led by students.

As the intro to the videos note, they each contain descriptions of sexual assault from real students. However, as David Griner of Adweek said, “the vast majority of the content is focused on how support and love—including for yourself—can overcome the looming shadows cast by assault, stigma and shame.”