Introducing Fancy Over 40

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Women over 40 are one of the most dynamic groups out there. They can be mothers (of preschoolers or college students), they can be parenting their own parents. They can be at the top of their careers, or just starting new ones. They can be your neighbor, your boss or even your intern. Beautiful, sexy, determined, funny, sincere. They have multiple facets, and wide-ranging perspectives. And as far as advertising is concerned, they're basically invisible.

That's too bad, because women over 40 make more than 80% of household spending decisions. They are influential and outspoken. They are running companies, they are taking care of kids. And parents. They need solutions and are willing to pay for them. And when they find something that works for them, from a brand that resonates with who they are, they are loyal. But they sense they're being left out of the conversation. 

Not anymore. As you know, Fancy has always been an agency that focuses on creating emotional connections between women and brands. But what we haven't told many people about yet, drumroll, please, is that this fall we're launching Fancy Over 40our special focus on women over 40. We love these ladies. We ARE these ladies. And we've spent 20 years developing deep and emotional connections with them for brands around the world.

Fancy Over 40 helps marketers define and own what makes them unique and then create a strategy and marketing message that starts a relationship with their ideal clients. As a result they build the emotional connections that will help them achieve their business goals.

If reaching women over 40 is as important to you as it is to us, give us a shout.