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Calling All Women Over 40!

Quick! Think of your three favorite ads that show the marketers really "get" the 40+ woman. Who she is, how she lives, what she thinks. OK, three's too many? How about your favorite one. Fine, doesn't have to be a favorite. Just one ad that makes you feel emotionally connected to the brand that put it out there. (Imagine some tick-tock-y game show music here). Tough, right?

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Introducing Fancy Over 40

Women over 40 are one of the most dynamic groups out there. They can be mothers (of preschoolers or college students), they can be parenting their own parents. They can be at the top of their careers, or just starting new ones. They can be your neighbor, your boss or even your intern. Beautiful, sexy, determined, funny, sincere. They have multiple facets, and wide-ranging perspectives. And as far as advertising is concerned, they're basically invisible.

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